Welcome to the
Northern California Dance Collective.

We’re so glad you’ll be joining us at dance camp! Here is all the information you need in order to get ready to register. If, after reading this, you have questions, please write to us at, and one of our dancing volunteers will get back to you soon. Click here to register now.

If you wish to apply for work exchange, go to the work exchange applicationfirst. Please fill out the application FIRST and wait until you are assigned a role before registering. You need to be assigned a role and then get your discount code to register with, or you will be asked to pay the full amount for camp.

To keep the event affordable and accessible, we have created a sliding scale based on your annual income before taxes: Low income = less than $40K; Middle income = $40K – $80K; High income = more than $80K. When choosing your income level, please adjust your rate upwards if you have significant assets (own property, have a trust fund or inherited wealth, a retirement plan, etc.). Adjust your rate downwards if you have significant expenses (excessive health care costs, single-parenting, adult dependents, unusual losses, etc.). There is a special reduced rate for young adults aged 20-33 who cannot afford the adult rate.


Early bird pricing applies through May 1, after which there is a 10% price increase. (The 10% increase only affects adults and young adults, not staff, teens, or children.)


You may register for all nine days, the first six days, the last six days, the first three days, or the last three days, but not the middle three days (unless you are staff and have special permission).


The rates for children apply to kids 3-12 years old. Kids under 3 are free and are not included in Kids Camp.

The rates for teens apply to 13 to 19 year olds. There is a special reduced rate for young adults aged 20-33 who cannot afford the adult rate. If you can afford to pay the regular adult rate, please do.









How to Register

Using the Register Now button will open a secure window to our registration system. If there are multiple people in your party, register an adult first; you will then have the option of adding others.

You will need to enter health information for every member of your party — so gather that up before beginning the process or prepare to do this registration together.

You will be paying by credit or debit card — have one ready.

You will be asked to either pay in full, or pay half now and be billed for the second half on May 1. If you are receiving equity for working at camp in certain work exchange departments, and your balance due is less than $100, you will be required to pay $100 as a deposit to register, to assure you show up at camp. You will be refunded this money at the end of camp once you have completed your work commitment.

When you complete the form you will get a receipt with a QR code for each registrant — print these sheets out! They will get you express check-in at camp!

You will also see links in your receipt to two online documents: The Camp Release Form, for the facility, and the Behavioral Agreements Form, for our community. Print these out too! Every member of your party will need a signed copy of both of these in order to check in.

With these 3 papers in hand, Receipt with QR Code, Camp Release (signed), and Behavioral Agreement (signed), check-in should take 2 minutes or less, right in your car!, and you can proceed to setting up your campsite or cabin.

How great is that?!?

Low        Medium       High   Young-Adult    Teen   Child

$450            $495           $843          $300              $255     $225

Infants Free


Low        Medium       High   Young-Adult    Teen   Child

$900          $990             $1000        $600            $510     $450

Infants Free


Low        Medium       High   Young-Adult    Teen   Child

$1350        $1485            $1620        $900              $765    $675

Infants Free