New Year's Eve Dance Camp is December 29, 2016 to January 1, 2017 in Loma Mar (not Scotts Valley ). Join us for a beautiful, enriching time of dancing in community and in nature.

Biodanza Class 2006

Northern California Dance Collective is a non-profit organization and a community of people who love to dance. We are especially interested in the place where dance and community meet, and one of our goals is to create more of these places in our lives. This year we are putting on a 3-day New Year's Eve Dance Camp, as well as our regular Summer Camp, bringing together dance and community in beautiful, natural settings.

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Watch the video below to get a taste of the beauty of NCDC's Summer Dance Camp.

The Community: Our collective backgrounds in dance are as varied as the forms of dance and movement we enjoy, but we have a common love of the freestyle, improvisational, ecstatic and contact improv dance that happens in the Bay Area at places such as Dance Journey and Barefoot Boogie in Berkeley; Ecstatic Dance in Oakland; Sweat Your Prayers in Marin; Dance Friday and Shamanic Disco in the South Bay; Dance Church, Inner Rhythm, Beat Sanctuary, and Conscious Dance in Santa Cruz; Dance Jam in Pacific Grove; as well as Dance Home in Santa Monica and Dance New England, the East Coast dance camp that gave birth to NCDC.

We also appreciate the smoke-free, alcohol-free, open, accepting and community-oriented atmosphere each of these dances provides. It is through these dances that many of us have met and come together to create the Northern California Dance Collective. Our first event was in 1993 and our first residential dance camp was in 1995, and we now host up to 200 people at our eleven-day camp at a beautiful location in the California wilderness.


Photo is from Biodanza class 2006