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Hey dance fam!
Registration is open for NCDC's
Summer Dance Camp, June 14-22!



We invite you to dance, play, connect, celebrate, and get inspired and renewed as we co-create community and magic at our annual dance events.  

Summer Dance Camp


Each summer, we create a "village of dancers" at a beautiful venue in the southern Sierras, with daytime classes in a wide range of dance modalities as well as yoga, music, and art, and all kinds of great evening events. Relax, sun yourself by the lake, go for a swim or a canoe ride, play frisbee or volleyball, make new friends and talk with old ones – there’s a wide range of experiences available to newcomers and returning campers alike, including people who don't dance at all.


In addition to our great schedule of classes led by professional facilitators, our Summer Dance Camp provides lots of opportunities for performing as well as for camper-led activities, relaxation, and evening DJ’ed dances. We have a great Kids Camp program for the little ones with activities to keep them happy and engaged while their parents take classes or just relax by the lake. Our chefs prepare delicious, organic meals that will please your taste buds and meet your specific dietary needs, whether you're a vegan or an omnivore.

Come for the full event and take advantage of all the experience has to offer, or join us for just a few days, if that’s all your schedule permits. We have a sliding scale in our registration fees plus a young adult rate to make sure camp is accessible. Work-exchange and some partial scholarships are available if you need additional financial assistance.

In this unique retreat space, you get to dance, play, connect with other dancers, and enjoy the beauty of nature. By sharing meals and attending workshops together, you get to know the people you dance with every week back home but might have never had a conversation with. After a few days, you’ll find yourself dropping into a sweet space that will feed your soul and invigorate your spirit. Many of us wish it would never end! After our closing circle, we have the opportunity to take these good feelings and new connections home with us, and many of us find ourselves looking at the world in new ways.

Winter Dance Camp

Our winter dance camp takes place over New Year's and is a two to three-day event.  This event is generally smaller and more intimate (approx. 120 people) than our larger summer camp (approx 200 people). Our winter venue is in the Bay Area and provides a wide range of accommodations, from tent camping to cabins to hotel-style rooms.

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