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Northern California Dance Collective.

We are a community of people who love to dance. Our mission is to nurture body and spirit through dance and community. We sponsor events that provide opportunities for creative self-expression for people of all ages in safe, non-judgmental, playful environments, often out in the beauty of nature.

COVID & 2021 Summer Dance Camp

We continue to monitor the COVID situation to determine if and when we will have camp this year.  Even if the State of California and the County of Fresno give us the green light to have camp, we will have to determine if our preferred venue (Camp Hye Sierra) or others are available and if there is adequate time to organize some kind of scaled-down camp or not.  For those of you that have attended camp, you know there are hundreds of moving parts that must work in concert to make camp happen.  We will let you know through our newsletter, this website and our FB page as soon as we learn more regarding 2021 Summer Dance Camp.  We look forward to dancing with you at some point, hopefully soon!

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