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Winter Dance Camp


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for NCDC’s NYE 2023/2024 Winter Dance Camp

Winter Dance Camp is Coming!

Get ready for another deep and delicious New Year's retreat with your dance community! Dance, play, connect, sing, cuddle by the fireplace, go for a walk in the redwoods, dance some more, and welcome in the new year. Our 2023 event runs from December 30 at 4 PM to January 1 at 3 PM. 

We'll have that satisfying mix of deep and sweet movement, music, and art modalities NCDC is known for, pulling from the Bay Area's rich well of high energy and inner-directed facilitators of contact improv, 5Rhythms, African dance, yoga, singing, and more. Classes are geared to all levels; come ready to immerse yourself in movement, or just relax by the fireplace and connect with friends.


The awesome facilitators who have been confirmed (so far) for this year's Winter Dance Camp include Jo Cobbett, who will weave her magical dance spell upon us, as always; Rachel Jordana (5Rhythms), Gabriel and Candice (blindfolded contact), Sarah MacEwan (beautiful and healing singing), Loriel Starr (sound bath), Zora De La Coeur (Biodanze), and Tanvi Mongia (Bollywood dance), and we've got DJs Flow and Ken Martini. We are excited to have the Tom Finch Band on Saturday, December 30 for an evening of sweet, live dancin’ grooves. We'll be dropping lots more names soon!


Pricing and Registration

Prices include the full program of classes, live music and DJ’d dances, food, lodging, and daytime childcare for children ages 3 to 11. Register early to get the best rates and to reserve your spot, especially if you want one of the hotel-style rooms, which have a limited capacity. Prices go up November 26 (except for kids and young adults). Head to the registration page for all the details.

Early Rates – register by 11pm on 11/26/23


TENT/CAR/RV CAMPING per person  (Please note there is a limited number of RV hookups available)

 Adults                                     Kids and Teens, ages 4-17

$260                                        $120


 DORM CABINS   (8-10 beds in bunks, with a shared bathroom, but the cabins won't be completely full)

 Adults                                     Kids and Teens, ages 4-17

$280                                       $130

DORM CABIN QUADS   (4 beds, with a shared bathroom)

 Adults                                     Kids and Teens, ages 4-17

$340                                       $140


 CONFERENCE CENTER ROOMS (Please note there is a limited number of these rooms.)

(2 double beds + a rollaway if desired, with a private bathroom)


Double occupancy, per person:

Adults                                     Kids and Teens, ages 4-17

$440                                       $180


Triple occupancy (two double beds plus a rollaway) per person:

Adults                                     Kids and Teens, ages 4-17

$400                                       $160


 Note: rates for regular and late registration will not increase for children or teens or for young adults ages 18-33. 


Regular Registration Rates: after 11/26/23 

Prices will increase by 10% per person EXCEPT for children, teens, and young adults ages 18-33.

Late Registration (space permitting): after 12/18/23 

Prices will increase by an additional 10% per person EXCEPT for children, teens, and young adults ages 18-33.



If you need a ride or can offer a ride, please visit:


At Redwood Glen, the venue is responsible for providing our meals; we cannot run the kitchen ourselves. Their chef has been very accommodating and knows about the kind of healthful, organic food we are interested in eating. He and those managing the venue are committed to meeting any and all of your dietary needs.

Housing and Accommodations

Redwood Glen has a wonderful variety of housing options to suit everyone’s needs and budget:

A) Tent/vehicle camping/RV camping with hook-up
B) Dorm rooms -- 8 to 10 beds in bunks with shared bathrooms
, but the cabins won't be completely full

C) Quad Dorm rooms -- 4 beds with shared bathrooms

D) Conference Center -- hotel-style rooms (2 beds plus optional roll-away bed with private bathroom) 

(Please note we will be at the Redwood Glen in Loma Mar, California. There is another retreat center with a similar name not far from where we'll be.)


Kids Camp

Kids Camp will happen if enough children are registered. There is no charge for infants and children under 4, and NCDC child care is not provided for them. Kids Camp is available for children ages 4 to 11. Kids and teens aged 4 to 17 get the kids' rates. Adult rates apply to those 18 and older.

Work Exchange

A small number of work exchange positions will be available, so inquire early. Most of them involve arriving early and staying late, to help with beautification and take-down, plus moving tables and cleaning the floor in the dining hall after meals, since that's our main dance space.


What to Bring

  • Your own bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, pillows) and towel if staying in a tent, RV, or dorm

  • Layers of warm clothing for nights that can be cold -- coat, sweater, gloves, hat, etc.

  • Fun, festive clothing, costumes, onesies, etc.

  • Dance gear, dance specific clothes and footwear, kneepads for contact improv, yoga mats

  • A labeled water bottle and a flashlight

  • Personal toiletries (unscented please for those of us who are scents-itive!), healthcare supplies and earplugs

  • Anything else that will aid your well-being, good health, and comfort at camp


Things to leave at home

  • Your own food (there is minimal storage)

  • Pets

  • Preconceived notions

  • Alcohol

  • Non-prescription drugs

  • Perfumes and other scented products

  • Candles and incense

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Cancellations by December 10, 2023 receive a full refund, minus 3% of your booking cost and a $30 processing fee. 

  • Cancellations after December 10, 2023 are not eligible for a refund (unless due to an injury, illness, or other emergency that will not resolve by the time of the event), but you may pay a transfer fee of $30 to transfer your registration(s). Finding a buyer is your responsibility. If we have a waiting list, we will connect you with those on it.

  • Cancellations due to illness, injury, or emergency occurring after December 28 may be eligible for credit toward future NCDC events. You must email us at as soon as possible to let us know you won't be attending. This is to avoid paying any unnecessary fees to the venue and/or for your meals.

  • In addition, submit an explanation in writing by January 3, 2024, for review after camp. Please provide a medical doctor's note if your cancellation is due to illness or injury, or other documentation if due to an emergency. 

  • Issuance of a credit or refund outside of stated policy is solely at the discretion of NCDC.

More Information

Want more information, inspiration, or help with registering?

Facebook Event:
See you in the redwoods December 30th!

Map to Redwood Glen

(Please note we will be at the Redwood Glen in Loma Mar, California. There is another retreat center with a similar name not far from where we'll be.)

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